In a Nutshell About me

My name is Joy Thomas

Originally from the UK, I have a passion for photography born out of my first love graphic design.

I have always been artistic and fell into photography by chance when I was always being asked to add images to my graphic art. I started off with product shots and put together a studio. I took landscapes and family soon asked me to take their pictures as I had a natural eye for detail.

I wasn't learning enough so went to university in the UK to get the skills and knowledge to bring my photography up to date and with the right equipment I started to produce beautiful photos.

Soon it was time to change my love of photography into a 2nd career and after 5 years in the UK photographing many families, babies and weddings I moved to Australia to capture its beauty and the people in it.

Now with over 200 weddings under my belt and in my 10th year I am starting to slow down and go for more corporate mid week jobs due to my commitment to my young family.